Interior Design And Build

Beautiful interiors are at the heart of what we create at The Stable Workshop and we share your passion. Whatever your project, we will be as excited about the end result as you are. Interior design and build encompasses all types of ventures and no one project is the same as another. The Stable Workshop will strive to capture your vision right down to the last detail.

You might want....and we can create...
• A new and exciting shared family living space with a fusion style of classic and contemporary
• A top floor conversion of a Victorian villa to provide self-contained accommodation
• A basement development to open up a funky office space for a home worker
• A garden conversion of an outbuilding to create a studio
• Attic to basement renovations of period properties
• Floor by floor developments to provide a mix of commercial space and contemporary styled residential lets
• A cheeky shower room popped into the corner of a guest bedroom
• Office and shop interiors themed and styled for either a dedicated sole trader or to offer the functionality of a commercial investment
• A complete work through of a property damaged by fire or flood
• An environmentally-friendly new build

We listen to our customers, so we can turn your ideas into reality. We can also offer ideas you might not have thought of. Using a project manager opens the door to all of our expertise and style knowhow and it can help shape ideas which sometimes are difficult to put form to. Experience really does count in design and build and our portfolio of completed projects can be used not just as a benchmark of our quality but to illustrate the resolution of difficulties or the capture of a particular look or style.

Our service will offer you:
• Access to our years of build project management experience
• A bespoke work schedule which will be designed around your lifestyle or business requirements
• A range of tried and trusted contractors who are hand-picked for your particular job and who we have worked with before
• Designers and stylists who can give form and shape to your ideas with innovation and creativity
• A bank of talent and expertise which offers the opportunity to explore and cherry pick different design and build solutions

The team at The Stable Workshop will listen to your requirements but have the experience and vision to offer creative suggestions and solutions that can make your project really come to life. It might be as simple as the inclusion of a piece of a contemporary design in an otherwise period property or a grander or more economic structural development which results in something better than you have originally planned. We are chameleon to your needs but have the experience and knowhow to gently steer and guide to achieve optimum results.