"Over the years I have known Joseph, he has provided practical, well thought out building solutions carried out with high degree of quality workmanship. His firm's service has been very responsive and reliable."

Andrew Inglis

"I've found the Stable Workshop provided me with the quality that I was wanting by a team of craftsmen/women who took a pride in the job they undertook. They were efficient, clean and charming and also took the time to consult me about the things that mattered during my improvement works. The Stable Workshop provided me with a first class quality job by craftsmen that are just not found around anymore. Much to their credit too they finished on time!"

Paula Fance

"I have worked with Joseph and company. They are calm and intelligent and know how to work things out. These attributes are invaluable.

Phineas Manasseh, Architect

example of work
example of work
"I have known Jo for nearly 10 years, and throughout this period I have always been impressed with the quality of his work and his professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend his services, and indeed regret that he has not always been available to do work for me.

Andrew Ryan

"Fine interiors are able to find solutions to problems where others have failed"

Barnabas & Anabel Kindersley

"The builders showed intelligence, interpretation, flexibility and understanding.
They were the best"

Eddie Keogh